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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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five people have have died so far this season. flu activity h seen a steep increase in recent weeks. they say it is expected to peak in february, they are once again sounding the alarm to get a flu shot. for some people, that is not possible. nbc bay area marianne favro has more. >> up until now, most people with egg allergies are not able to get a flu shot because it's made with chicken eggs. and now an egg-free option is available. it's made with in. is ects, a flu shot may have prevented this little girl from getting sick is, but because she was aallergic to eggs she could not get the hot. her mother said she is glad her daughter has an option to fight flu. >> it's nice to have the option if i want to get her the flu
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shot, i have the option available to me which i did not at all before. >> the new vaccine is called flu-bok, it's made by injecting a flu gene into a insect, it can be quicker than growing it in chicken eggs that could prove helpful in the event of a flu epidemic to quickly increase the vaccine supply. researches at the vaccine study center tested it and said that it is just as safe and effective as the traditional vaccine. scary scene caught on camera, a smash and grab at a jewelry store, but the thieves you see here fled without any jewelry when the owner of the store pulled out a gun. the would-be robbers ended up hiding in a menlo neighborhood.
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the neighbors in that area were watching and using a new kind of online neighbor watch to keep everyone safe. scott budman uncovered the play by play, he joins us from that area in menlo park where a story ended and another is gaining steam. interesting. >> yes, it is, it's at the heart of social networking story. how a neighborhood used technology and auto technology company to stay informed and help each other feel safe. >> this menlo park neighborhood like most areas is made up of tech savy people, when armed robbers targeted a nearby jewelry store and were then chased through the neighborhood, technology came into play. specifically social network site nextdoor. >> there's an armed robber in the neighborhood, go in, lock your doors and we will keep you updated. >> he saw the chase.
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then went to the neighborhood nextdoor site to warn others to stay inside because of police activity. >> it was frightening. >> he did not have to post twice. >> we went back inside and i shut my blinds, you don't know what is going on. >> you you don't know what is sgoing on, you are in the house, and you see police outside the window, get an e-mail or message on the service that says, if you are in doors stay in doors, stay low. >> nextdoor is catching on as a way for neighbors to stay in touch. help hadful when it comes to daycare, putting things up for sale, that sort of thing. but during kriep, the social network turned out to be the safety network. from there for the next three and a half hours we watched our e-mails and next door's site and we were updated by all of the neighbors around here who were home and able to get information and they posted pictures even. >> knowing that, you know,
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saying they hasay ing they have caught one, they have. caught two. as progress went forward, i knew we were safe. >> keeping people safe and informed, one message as a type. next dai-- nextdoor said that 2 of the messages that go back and forth have something to do with crime. we will go one on one with the ceo of nextdoor coming up. >> after 27 years with the force, san jose's top cop officially stepped down. chris moore announced last year he would retire on january 18th. he leaves behind a city that leaves behind one of the deadliest years. esquivil said he is not interested in taking the top job full time.
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just as an interim. >> a story from yesterday, san jose police say that the woman that lied about the attempted kidnapping of her young daughter may not be charged until next month. filing a false police report is only a misdemeanor in california. >> big waves are rolling in to half moon bay and so are the best surfs. mavericks is going to go forward after being called off for two years. why these waves could be tronger than usual. >> the water is calm, giving little sign of the waves to come. but the contest director said that on sunday the action is here. >> i'm excited. i was up checking the buoys this morning and this swell has hit hawaii. and that means it's on its way here. we are really stoked and a lot of people are coming into town today. >> to watch 24 of the best big wave surfs compete here for the
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first same since 2010. >> the wave lbs powerful, the waves are coming from further away so the energy in the swell will be ferocious. >> an estimated 40,000 people will pack into the coastal town, the ocean hotel is booked solid, a wedding, viewing for the mavericks festival outside and viewing for the 49ers game inside. >> there will be food and drinks and everything is available to watch on the gem bow tron. >> is it exciting to have it back? >> it is. it's is sad that it was not here for the last couple of years. >> the public is being kept off the coastline, roads will be closed but with the cameras on the boards, the view will be great. >> it's a beautiful thing when mavericks comes to town. it's nature at its best, it's the world's best athletes
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putting their skills to the test. gli spoke with the director of the chamber of commerce and i asked her, what is the impact of having this competition bab and she said it's hard to put a value on it. to have people watching or in town from places like south africa and australia, she said often times they end up coming back throughout the year. some of the waves could be 30-40 feet tall, the big wave surfing competition kicks off on sunday, and if you cannot make it in person, it will be streamed online. along with the fierce competition on the water it's a big weekend on the field and on the ice. >> so many choices this weekend. what are we going to do? the sharks are leaving the lockout behind and san jose behind. their season opener of the season is in calgary, the puck drops at 4:00 on sunday and then of course, i'm sure you know about this. the 49ers on their way to atlanta right now to gear up for
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sunday's nfc championship game against the falcons. the winner goes to the new orleans super bowl. kick off sunday at noochblt this is the weekend that jim gets paid overtime because so much is going on. >> man, i love every minute of it guys. here is what we have for you. not too long ago we had more questions than answers about the 49erss. who will kick? and did harbaugh make the right call on switching to kaepernick? things are sure looking good now if you are a 49ers fan. after san francisco's win over the green bay packers last saturday the niners have been getting national attention. many are picking them to win it all and that includes john madden. coach harbaugh, his team, they are not buying the hype. >> people said nice things about us and that is nice. cover of "sports illustrated," nice thing. says a nice thing about our team, put it in a frame, put it
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on the wall, something nice to you, doesn't change anything about what our job is. that guy is intense all the time. one final note to 49ers, they cut kicker billy cundiff, that means it's david akers kicking the rest of the way for the 49ers. we will have more. jim, at 6:00, janelle will give her prediction. >> i visit, it's ready to go. >> and i'm ready to write it down and i'm going to use it, baby. >> she was perfect this week. so the pressure is on this week. >> we have big news on a popular weight loss surgery. new information about how well it works and the safety of the operation. >> and getting ready for history, we will go live to washington, d.c., where plans are in place for the big inauguration. >> and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri, we are tracking the weekend forecast. it will warm up and we have a
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spare the air alert for saturday, worst in the north and central bay. if you are going to the mavericks, we have awesome weather with plenty of sunshine, highs near 70.
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>> new development in the hostage standoff, one is verified dead. dozens of workers are unaccounted for at the gas complex. hillary clinton is urging the government to do everything possible to protect the remaining workers who were taken hostage on wednesday. >> in health matters, lap band surgery is a safe and long-term solution for obesity. this after a study following
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people who got the procedure in 1994 when it was first introduced. the majority maintained an average weight loss of 57 pounds for more than a decade. and 75% of patients with type two diabetes no longer needed medicine to control their blood sugar. the older it gets the harder it is to multi-task. blood flow was monitored in the brains of young and older adults as they multi-tasks. older adults needed more blood in the brain. they are doing studies to see if training studies can help bring the brain young. just in time for inauguration, the president's official portrait was released for his second term. and as you see, he has a big smile on his face, what a difference from his portrait
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four years ago, he was not as grey and his smile not as big. and the first lady sporting a new hair-do. to show off her new bangs. we will get a good look on monday when the president is officially sworn in. we are live in washington, d.c., with the latest on the preparations. good evening. >> thanks, they are preparing the city and the republicans are making a political move, a request, a demand that unless something can be done on the budget, easterly in the second obama term that he members of congress not be paid anything. it's grabbing some focus from a town that has been overly focused, according to republicans, on the obama second inaugural. >> washington is almost ready. massive security. barriers going into place. bleachers along pennsylvania
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avenue for monday's inaugural parade and the presidential viewing stand, bullet proof and fancy. rebuilt every four years. >> but since a huge crowd full of hope saw the first obama swearing in, america has lowered its expectations. only 35% in the nbc news "wall street journal" poll said that the country is headed in the right direction as president obama's new portrait is released is had approval is at 52% and likeability is at 61%, but only 29% say he is working effectively with congress. and today, there's more conflict. ponding to the president's declaration that he won't negotiate over the debt ceiling, republicans backed down. he this raised the borrowing limit, but just for three months. and if democrats don't agree to a budget of deep spending cuts by april, they cut off lawmakers paychecks. >> why should the american
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public pay elected officials if they do not do their fundamental right and passes a budget. >> it's been a long time since we have seen a positive to dee fine a second term. >> the bush second term was plagued by iraq and scandal. amid the preparations for celebration, the new obama term starts with a buth confrontation. >> white house is trying to put a bright spin on it saying that the republicans have backed down from what the white house calls the threat to hold the u.s. economy hostage. >> thank you, steve. we will have continuing coverage throughout the weekend, our political analyst will join our team ofrespondents as
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the president begins his second term. the big public swearing in is on monday. >> i remember four years ago it was bitter freezing temperatures. it will be better, jeff? >> yeah, looks more mild and that is good news in washington, d.c., a lot of them have coats to keep them warm. back here in the bay area, it's all about the mild weather coming our way and in fact today we started to warm up. let's look at the huge temperature surge. we started off at 30 in gill role and th-- in gill row and tn went up to 60. for the mavericks, the waves are beginning to slowly increase four to five feet, but as we go the sunday, the swells that are building in hawaii will get here and we are looking at 20-35 foot waves possible out at the mavericks, but the entire coast line will have dangerous waves and rip currents so you may want to leave the water up to the experts this weekend.
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if you are going that way, just soak in the rays of sunshine. temperatures dropping to the 50s for the most part, holding on to 62 in gilrogilroy. we have go mid to high level cloud cover here in san jose, the sunsets looking great. we go up to emory ville, this is like giants' orange, post card perfect. and down into san francisco, still and also stagnant conditions in the atmosphere. you see the flag not blowing a lot on the right side of the screen, that is an indication that we will see more poor air quality as we go to the weekend. high pressure right where you want it to be as we head to saturday, sunday and into monday. it's got that dome of warmer air with it, and slightly off shore winds and it will keep it hazy. and not a drop of rain in sight as we go up to the weekend.
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awesome weather. santa cruz could hit 70 on saturday. we are not expecting widespread 70s but that will be an isolated location. last time we had 70s on the coastline, december 10th. it's been a month since it's been this warm. for tomorrow morning, low to mid 30s. 33 in livermore and 46 in los gatos and for tomorrow, we will see the temperatures surge primarily into the mid and upper 60s. south bay, you are going to be, yes, it's finally your time here. one of the warmest with 68 in san jose, and 69 in the almaden valley. cooler to the east bay, low to mid 60s and on the three day forecast, dry through monday. as we go to next week, we start to see changes in here with the clouds building by tuesday, wednesday and thursday. just a slight chance of showers right now by next friday. no major storm, but temperatures will definitely cool off. so, awesome weather this
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weekend. i was out this morning and i must have heard three or four different people talking about the weather. i was kind of eaves dropping a bit. >> of course. >> we are so used to the cold weather, i was wearing a sweatshirt and it was too warm for it. >> windows open. >> nice for vitamin d. >> the face of the franchise but he is paid less than many of the other giants. we will explain next.
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>> new information on the health care for giants star pablo sandoval, his picture from a newspaper shows him checking into that hospital. his brother tweeted sandoval was checked in with stomach pain and he was diagnosed with colitis, there are reports that a s that will be released soon. >> a pay day, buster posey signed a contract worth eight
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million dollars, he came back from that awful you didn't that end happen his twentd 11 season, but buster posey is not making anything close to what hunter pence will be making. the right fielder will make nearly $14 million next season. why is the veteran, pence, paid more than posey? it's all about the baseball pay scale, based on years of service. and the man who saved matt cain's perfect game was that great catch. he signed a $1.3 million deal. wow, spring training begins next month. >> i can't wait. we will be right back. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ]
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[ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> nightly news is next, and then new at 6:00 how much is
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president obama to blame for the grid lock in washington. we sit down with former secretary of labor and he talks about dating hillary clinton back in their college years. it's a colorful story, the interview when we see you again at 6:00. >> weekend is here, we will get a final check of the forecast. >> the sun, weather will cooperate as we go thu saturday and sunday, upper 60s to low 70s. rough seas, great for mavericks and dangerous for the average swimmer. no rain until next week. >> enjoy your weekend. >> see you soon.
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on our broadcast tonight, the hostage crisis unfolding this evening. some have been freed, but at
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least one american has been killed. tonight, what we know about the rescue mission. a new warning during this already deadly flu season, an alert from doctors about how things can go from bad to worse quickly. paying the price. lance armstrong admits he did it and now they tally up the cost. and the hidden danger exposed by that terrible hoax at notre dame and how many people find themselves caught up in something like it. also, our friday night "making a difference" report. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening, there's some sad news heading into this weekend for at least one american family. an american has been killed overseas. his death believed to be the result of a mission launched to free a large group of hostages who were taken at a bp natural gas complex. islamic militants took hostages at the facility in the sahara desert in algeria.


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